April 5, 2018
By Taryn Nilsen + Sara Flowers
Photos by Jennifer L.

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Kathryn Logue

Garland by Grace

Meet Kathryn Logue.  Once a Junior Maker who stepped outside of her comfort zone and found herself flooded with Makery attendees loving her jewelry, her mission and kind disposition. 

Where are you from?
I am a Jax girl, born and raised! I love living in such a diverse city and community that provides so many opportunities.

What inspired you to start making jewelry?
Garland by Grace started when I came home from my first mission trip to the Dominican Republic and knew I had to go back! I began making jewelry as a way to support mission work in the Dominican and ensure that I would be able to return again next summer. At my first Makery Market, as a junior maker, I fell in love with shoppers! I quickly recognized a diverse group of people, enjoying and being inspired by my jewelry.  Spending time in the beautiful Dominican Republic  helped me start connecting diversity and creativity within my work.

What is your passion behind Garland by Grace?
I fell in love with making jewelry when I began creating pieces that were meaningful to my shoppers. My favorite part of the process is when someone finds one that really speaks to them.   Often, someone will grab a ‘Travel the World’ necklace and tell me everywhere they have been….I LOVE THAT!  


You're still pretty young but have been building this business for sometime now, what has been your biggest obstacle and how did you conquer it?
Ummm … finishing my senior year of high school?!?  Just kidding, but I would say finding the time to fit everything in has been a struggle so far. It is so exciting to run with every single new idea I have, but I have learned the importance of slowing down and waiting for the right time to introduce and create new pieces. Now that I have finished high school (officially, last month!), I am so eager to invest more time in Garland by Grace and see how I can grow it in the upcoming year!

Have certain people or events specifically helped you grow your business? How?
There have been so many encouraging people along the way who have supported Garland by Grace from the start. One of my high school mentors, Mrs. Edda, has always been an encouragement to me, everyone needs a mentor to look up to! Jacksonville itself is such an encouraging community with so much love for local vendors! Of course, The Makery has been my biggest jumpstart! Taryn and Sara have taught me so much about handmade business, as well as the entire community of Makery Makers. Joining The Makery as a junior vendor when I was 16, and growing with them has been the best learning experience and really shaped Garland by Grace into the business it is today!

At The Makery Spring Market

At The Makery Spring Market

How would you like to see your business grow in the next couple of years?
I would love to keep doing what I’m doing! Meeting more people, experiencing new things, and getting to know my hometown of Jax better! I think the next step for Garland by Grace is to continue building new relationships and becoming more well known in the Jax. area.

We've enjoyed having you at our first two Makers Markets.  Can we expect to see you at this Spring Market?
YES of course!!! I wouldn’t miss it! The Makery is always my favorite event and I cannot wait for this Spring Market! I am so excited to see everyone there! Hoping everyone will stop by my booth and say hi and tell us where they have traveled the world!


You can find Kathryn and Garland by Grace on Instagram @garlandbygrace and at local markets like The Makery, coming up April 13-15.  Definitely stop and say hello.  She will light up your day!