1. Where is the Market taking place?

The Fall Market will be at The Glass Factory; 601 N. Myrtle Ave., Jacksonville, 32204.

2. How often do you have a Market?

We have a Market every Spring and Fall/Winter.

3. Who can apply to participate?

  1. Makers

  2. Junior Makers

  3. Vintage Dealers

  4. Food + Beverage Vendors 

  5. Special Features

  6. Entertainment

4. Do NON PROFIT/COMMUNITY GROUPS have to pay a fee?

We will be accepting a few groups to participate.  Please email us at themakeryjax@gmail.com and let us know about your group.  You must plan a demonstration, workshop, or other activity.  We are happy to help you brainstorm but there are no exceptions.  

5. How do I apply?

Applications are available online under the Apply tab.

6. When can I apply?

Applications open July 1.

7. What criteria is considered during the Application process?

The Makery is looking for Makers whose goods are fresh, modern, useful, well made and thoughtfully designed.  Attention to detail in the packaging and presentation is important.  Items must be completely handmade (no kits), reclaimed, or genuine vintage (20+ years).  Picture quality and social media presence matter.    

8. How much does it cost to participate?

The Booth Fee varies depending on size.  You can find prices and a layout here.  Junior Maker booths are free but you must still apply and be accepted.

9. How do I know if I've been accepted?

Notification of acceptance for the first round of Maker will be emailed on July 20. Second round of acceptance letters will be emailed August 25. All Makers will be confirmed and posted on our website by September 1.

10. When & how do I submit my Booth fees?

Upon acceptance, you will receive an Acceptance Email and Invoice.  You must submit your booth fee by the date specified on your invoice, approximately 5 days after acceptance letters are mailed, or you may lose your spot.  

11. What happens if I need to cancel after I have paid?

If you cancel your Maker application prior to September 1, any amount you have paid will be refunded minus a fee of $25.00.

12. What if I don't pay on time?

Makers who do not pay by the designated date will be dropped from the roster and may apply in the next round. If there are no more application dates, then you may apply for the next Market. 

13. Can booths be shared?

Yes, a 10x10 booth can be shared with another Maker but both parties must apply separately. Please note on the Application if you plan on sharing and we will do our best to accommodate.

14. What do I need to know about set-up and booths?

You will receive more detailed information concerning Set-Up once you've been accepted.

Only Green 10x10 booths will be allowed to build walls or other supports taller than 5 feet.  This is to allow air flow to all areas in the large venue.

The Glass Factory may or may not have AC in time for the Fall Market. Electricity is limited.  ***Be prepared to bring battery powered fans for your comfort.***  We can not guarantee electricity for any fans at your booth. We will have large fans running if necessary but do not depend on them.

15. Do I need insurance?

Every Maker/Special Feature is required to have General Liability Insurance to protect your goods.

16. Can I do a demonstration, teach about my craft, or just do something different than what everyone else is doing? 

Absolutely! We welcome special features that will educate and engage the community. If you have an idea- we want to hear about it, just specify in your Maker Application that you're interested in a Special Feature.

17. Do I have to pay to do a Special Feature?

To have a Special Feature, you must have a Booth. There is no additional fee for running a Special Feature.  

18. Is there anything else I need to know?

We are giving canvas SWAG bags filled with info and goods that will go home with the first attendees on each day of the Market. This is your chance to bring additional attention to your business and give something to people to to take home with them.  

We are requiring that applicants contribute one or more items that have a total retail value of $35. This can be one item worth $35, 7 items worth $5 each, or some other variation as long as the total retail value is $35 or more. (1 business card may be attached to each item you donate)

 More info will be available in September about how these items will be collected.