Taryn Nilsen

Taryn, originally from Boston, moved to Jacksonville in 2008 and has yet to look back. She studied Graphic Design and Business at PBAU and Florida State College at Jacksonville and now lives in Arlington with her husband, three kiddos and her two pups.

Having always been creatively inclined,
Taryn sought a career that would allow her to combine her love for the community and her passion for art. She loves people, new adventures (outdoors  or entrepreneurial), and has read Enders Game close to 10 times.


Sara Flowers

Sara is a native to Jacksonville with a history of all things crafty and several small biz start ups.  She has survived (and thrived) amidst her beautiful family comprised of her hubs and SIX boys! 

She loves old dusty and rusty things, sewing, carpentry, learning new things, visioneering, traveling alone (and with the fam) plus all the tiny details that take life from bleah to yeah!