1.  Someone must be at your booth at all times. We will have volunteers available to watch your booth for short periods of time or if you plan to host a Special Feature.

2.  You must stay for the duration of the event on both Saturday (11-8) and Sunday      (11-4).  If you leave your booth early, you may be excluded from future events.

3.  Please be courteous and consider the other Makers around you when you set up your booth. Do not block them or impede access to their space in any way.

4.  There should be no sound coming from your booth other than conversation.

5.  No video presentation is allowed on any screen larger than an i-pad.

6.  All promotion of your goods must be done from your booth. We will consider exceptions to this but you must contact us before the show starts for consideration.

7.  Only goods presented in your application may be sold at the event.

8.  No walls can be constructed unless you have a green 10x10 Booth.  Read the General Info for more details.